I'm Paige DePratter. 

Kolby is my man. He manages two coffee shops here in New Orleans.
Together we have 5 kiddos, some biologically some through permanent custody. Not sure which ones are which anymore though. ;)
I've recently lost 40 lbs thanks to good ole' exercise, healthy(er...) food, and probiotics.
I'm passionate about mental health awareness, and learning about emotionally healthy responses, thanks mostly to life experience (and a ridiculous amount of counseling). Also a depression survivor.
I love the color purple and a great tunic that's long enough to cover my butt.

Why I blog.

The things I type out on this blog, for a long time, were things I felt I could never properly verbalize. It's always been my way of processing through the craziness of our unusual lives. Some days I write to make you laugh. Some days I write to express hurt. Some days I'm just bored and want to write; I like it! I hope some of it leaves you challenged or changed, maybe even a little entertained. It's all therapeutic for me and not meant to be taken as something set in stone or perfection. If you're looking for that, go here. But don't look for that here on my blog because you won't find it. In fact, many old posts here on my blog are just weird. But I've left them there to remind me to laugh at myself a little and keep moving forward. I'm just a broken vessel who is trying to be willing and open to being used by God how He desires. Which has clearly led to an unusual life. So remember that as you read my random words, and go easy on me, mkay?