Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It kept them.

Her stare was dark and her       heart           beat             slowly.

She reigned over her castle of ice with a stone cold hand, always seeing but never hearing.

Always smiling, but never warming a room.

She built this castle with her own two icy hands.

The people didn't know what they needed.

She had to show them how to survive.

After all, nothing grows in ice.

It was designed for a purpose.

It kept the people safe.

It kept them.

The people survived under her reign.

Until one day...

Someone wanted to know what was inside the castle.

Someone was not looking for any gain.

Someone thought it worth the risk.

Someone was a Pursuer.

Someone decided to climb.

He carved, he cut, he sliced himself on the sharp edges of the castle.

Icy boulders rolled down the side of the castle, attempting to crush him.

Permanent damage.

Someone's fingers bled from the cold, his own lungs barely able to breath in the altitude.

Why had she built it so high?

He climbed harder.

He reached the top.

He fell over the side of the castle...

The icy Queen didn't understand.

Who was crazy enough to pursue her so strongly; to risk their own life?

He couldn't know what he was about to face.

Was he safe?

Her heart beat fast.

Her stare couldn't keep up with what was happening in front of her own eyes.

Her ears strained; a Pursuer was worth hearing.

He reached for her hand.

Her hand melted into his.

Her smile warmed the room, and her vision blurred as she heard him speak simple words...

"I see you.

You're worth it."

The ice castle melted into a river.

Their main source for growth.

It was designed with purpose.

It kept them.

And so the people thrived under their reign.

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