Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Juicing Journey: Day 3 (A day late again) :)

I woke up yesterday morning (day 3 of juicing) feeling much better than the day before.

Morning juice - no prob.

Mid-morning juice - no prob.

Lunch juice - no way.

I could NOT chug that nasty stuff again. So I had a salad. My sister-n-law was over for a playdate with her kiddos and we had lots of good convo including juicing and wanting to take better care of ourselves. This is such a journey. So many of us are on the same one too. Wanting to be healthier, wanting to look good, wanting to feel good, wanting to be proud of our choices and not ashamed of them. But you already know that you're not alone in these thoughts, because this talk is going on everywhere, right?

Since you already know this talk, you know there are a million diets and a million different ways to exercise. I am NOT trying to convince you to juice. That mess is hard. And detoxing sucks. But I do want you to really take the time to plan out what YOU are going to do for your own health and what support system you will use. Maybe it means starting a Facebook group with other people to keep each other accountable. Maybe it means starting an "exercise class" that meets once a week at your house to use workout dvds and your TV. Maybe it means joining a gym and meeting people there who will push you. Or maybe even getting your husband or BFF to sit down, come up with a plan for healthier eating and you guys do it together. Be creative and find what works for you. But also find others to do it with you. It really helps.

We started a ladies group that meets at our church once a week for an hour to exercise. Because we love sweating? Oh no. Because we all talk about wanting to change, but not being disciplined enough, or never actually starting, or simply giving up because it's hard to do it alone. So this is our way to say "HEY HEALTH. YOU CAN BE SO HARD. BUT WE WILL WIN. BECAUSE WE'RE DOING THIS TOGETHER."

There is seriously power in numbers. We were designed for community. I would not have been able to juice alone. My friend Jilly Jill did it with me and even decided to take it a step further and go TEN days juicing. You rock, girl! We're cheering you on!

So I didn't finish my Day 3 update...

Afternoon juice - awesome as usual.

Dinner juice - no thanks... I'd rather go to a birthday party instead... this could be dangerous...

And what better way to celebrate ending a juice fast than going to a Chinese birthday party where they serve dairy-free goodies, sushi, and veggie straws? (Elaine, I love you and your family and all of your healthy weird ways!!!)  :)

I passed on the dairy-free cupcakes, but decided to try sushi for the first time ever. When I was doing a little research on juicing detox symptoms, I found out that juicing can "reset" your taste buds. Whaaaaat. That's cool. I'm here to admit that this never-ever-eats-fish-seafood-shrimp-crab-anything-that-swims-lady ATE SUSH AND LOVED IT! Eel was my favorite. I tried salmon sushi and it was ok. The spicy beef one was a strange flavor.

I ate those 3 little sushi thingys and was crazy full. My stomach was all like "Woa, you just put FOOD in here." But it was nice to me.

And that's how I celebrated the end of my juice fast. With friends who care about health, a husband who is crazy supportive, and a new outlook on something I thought I would NEVER do.

Find your community, start taking care of your health today too. You can do this!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Juicing Journey: Day 2 (a day late)

So sorry I didn't post yesterday.

It was rough.

I would have whined and cried the entire post so I'll summarize yesterday with this:
1.) Morning and Mid-Morning drinks were ok. Not the yummiest things ever, but doable. I'm pushing through.... chug chug...
2.) I couldn't choke down the lunch juice. It's just so nasty. I drank half of it and quit. I just waited until I could "eat" my afternoon snack juice. Yes I was hungry and grumpy.
3.) Lots and lots of time spent in the bathroom. All. Day. Long. By about 5:00PM I decided I hated life and laid in bed for an hour whining to my crunchy husband and texting my friend doing this with me that this wasn't worth it. My stomach hated me and so did my bottom. Oversharing much?
4.) Around 6 I took a shower and then decided to weigh myself. I'd lost 6lbs since Monday morning. Alright... I can push through this....
5.) Dinner juice is grosser than the night before because I added an extra ingredient in there that I shouldn't have. Which could also translate to, "I made Kolby make the juice for me because I was anti-juice and hated life and he asked me if an extra orange would help make it yummier and I should have told him not to do that." Dinner juice wasted.
6.) I made a salad for dinner. All veggies. Ok, and I used raspberry vinaigrette. I can't not cheat. I don't know how to eat veggies without other THINGS. I am a loser. It just fell on my salad.
7.) Around 8:00PM I got a crazy burst of energy. I hadn't had to make a bathroom trip for over an hour so the sun was shining on my life again. It was great. I laid in bed trying to sleep, feeling awesome, wishing I had had this energy earlier in the day. How did such a crappy day end this good??? Oh yeah. Detox is weird.

So that was Day 2 of juicing... I will give another update soon!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Juicing Journey: Day 1 Continued....

I made it through the day y'all.

Only one serious melt down.

Y'allllllllllllll I love food!

After an insane amount of juice drinking today, on this rainy, cold,  (ok, maybe that's added in for dramatic effect) day.... I just wanted to eat something warm and cozy. And my 4 year old asked me to make her a "warm sandwich". Which is basically something I eat every day because I LOVE THEM.

So I yelled. Not at her, just at the day of juicing. And then I got smart.

The last meal of the day can be a meal of only fruits and veggies. But not juiced fruit and veggies... real fruits and veggies! Heck yes! Real food!

So I chopped up a bell pepper and half an onion... threw it all on the stove in a pan to simmer... and mixed in a little EVOO, fresh salsa, and garlic powder. The wonderful smell made me dance a little. I think technically I cheated a little. But I don't give a crap. :)

Oh and speaking of crap, I haven't had issues since this morning. That's pretty awesome.


When I had my crazy meltdown I went to the scale. I know, I know... It's not about the weight loss, blah blah blah... I was feeling crazy and I needed to know this was actually doing something.

The scale said 3.5lbs less than it said first thing this morning.

Definitely some motivation to keep going and complete the three days. It's only three days right??? Two more after today!!!

Being real... I'm a huge quitter. I don't know if I will actually make it through these three days. Even if you don't like me and my blog is incredibly boring will you offer some encouragement??? For reals.

Juicing Journey: Day 1

Not sure why I feel the need to chronicle this.

Maybe it's because I feel super accomplished when I do anything I don't really want to do. And maybe for a little accountability... you know, so I don't just quit.

Hey, I'm juicing. For 3 days. Just juice.

My husband is seriously the coolest crunchiest husband ever. I'm too lazy to be a crunchy parent/wife/anything. He is the reason we do cloth diapers, we make our own kitchen/bathroom cleaner, we make our own laundry detergent, and use essential oils. Out of all of those things all I do is wash the diapers... he takes care of the rest. And I have to admit out of all of those, cute cloth diapers on my babies booties make the nasty work worth it. ;)

So awesome crunchy husband watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It's this cool documentary about a 2 guys who juice fast and there are these amazing results, blah blah. I got bored in a lot of it, but I liked the results, so I half-heartedly mentioned that I would give it a try. Not for nearly as long as they did though. Oh heck no, 60 days sounds insane. I'll do a 3 days "cleanse".

Crunchy man did the research, bought the fancy juicer, went to the store and bought EVERYTHING I needed for it, and separated all of the fruits and veggies into gallon sized Ziploc bags, and then labeled them with what time of the day I'm supposed to consume them. I did ZERO work. All I gotta do is throw the stuff in the juicer.

Oh and in case at this point you're thinking, "He must think you're fat." Nope. I quit thinking that stuff a long time ago about him when he does this kind of stuff. He's a big dreamer and a fixer. He hears my little tiny dreams and runs with them to make them reality. He hears my complaining about my health and weight, and does the work to make it as easy as possible for me to get to where I want to be. He's the coolest. :)

So today is my Juicing Journey: Day1 and at this point in the day I've only drank 2 juices, but I've learned a few things...

1. Don't accidentally put too much ginger in your breakfast juice. My throat and stomach BURNED for about an hour. Gross.
2. Go to the bathroom if you think you need to pass gas. That should probably always be a rule, but ya know... just keeping it real...
3. Cucumber juice makes a pretty awesome addition to your juice mixture.

So there ya go. I've got about 3 more juices to drink today and a meal of veggies and fruit tonight for dinner (yippee), so maybe I'll do another post tonight. If not tonight, I'll definitely give a Day 2 update tomorrow. :)

Any juicing advice/tips? I'm really hoping the um... bathroom issue... doesn't become a huge issue. Maybe I just need to embrace that this is a "cleanse." :)