Thursday, July 31, 2014

Breakfast is served.

I like my coffee SWEET. And cold. Flavored (usually Peanut Butter Cup or Gingerbread) Iced Coffee with International Delight French Vanilla or Cinnabon creamer. I live with a barista so I pretty much get whatever kind of coffee I want. It's lovely. And it's why I'm a little chunky.
But today... there's no coffee in this cup. I'm out of creamer. So yeah, no coffee today.

 But there is food in that cup. :)

What is that??

3 scrambled eggs
1/2 cup of roasted red pepper hummus
and a dash of feta on top
This will change your life. You're welcome.
Oh and I have to admit this wasn't completely original. While I was on Pinterest the other day (I hate myself a little every time I start a sentence with those words) I found a "recipe" for plain hummus and eggs. I thought it sounded a little boring, but possibly yummy so I added a little flair to it with my version and BAM. It's good. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Covering up the stank.

Today I took my older girls to get some school clothes.

 We hit up the consignment stores and got a TON of stuff (6 pairs of uniform pants, 6 belts, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 pairs of shoes and some other fun stuff that I couldn't resist snagging) for under $100. Don't be snobby. Buy those used clothes, Mama. These kids grow FAST and require new clothes daily. Ok not daily, but for real. Why spend so much now just to spend another ton of money in a few months? No girl. Go to the thrift stores. It's good stuff.

In between enjoying ourselves, driving around to the coolest consignment shops and shopping 'til we dropped, I got real sweaty in the van. Ya see... the air conditioner works in the back of our van, but not up front. Ghetto. Sometimes if you hit a bump real hard it will kick on (and possibly get so excited you almost pee your pants). Ghetto. The kiddos in the back are always like "Turn the air off! It's SO cold!!!!!!! We're fuh-reezing!" All while we're up front getting sweaty foreheads and thinking about the embarrassing butt sweat that's gathering in awkward places. It's New Orleans y'all and it's SO hot. And yes, we're too cheap to take it to get looked at. As much as I complain about it I still have the let's just roll the windows down and deal with the butt sweat attitude.

So I probably should have seen this conversation with the hubby coming...

"What is that smell?"

"I don't know! Probably you."

(snobby face) "No, it's you. You stink really bad. Go wipe your arm pits."

(pout face) "Aw man it is me! I was sweating so bad today in the van! It was so hot!"

(I-don't-care face) "Go clean your arm pits. Or something."

So I did the classy thing and put more deodorant on and sprayed my stank self with a lot of perfume.

Ain't nobody got time for clean armpits. Okay?

Oh don't worry, I gross myself out too. I immediately thought, "Oh my GOSH, you are really nasty." Then I kind of giggled about it. And then I just went on with my evening. La di da... don't mind me. I just smell like coconut lime mixed with a hint of B.O. and powder fresh scent. Mmmm.

Don't worry (apparently you're in a worrisome mood right now and I need to keep reminding you to stay calm). I truly know that this is gross and I don't really think it's ok to be so nasty. I'm awkwardly trying to go somewhere with this.

As I was giggling about my nastiness I thought about that verse that talks about our prayers being like an incense, a sweet aroma, to God.

"God, come close. Come quickly!
    Open your ears—it’s my voice you’re hearing!
Treat my prayer as sweet incense rising;
    my raised hands are my evening prayers." (Psalm 141:1)

For a while I wasn't praying. It was just too hard. I felt this heavy weight on me that told me I couldn't pray, wasn't good enough to pray like I used to, God wouldn't hear my prayers anymore, prayers didn't change things, prayers didn't help...

So even when I wanted to pray I felt like I couldn't. I had to battle the thoughts, and I just didn't have the strength to fight. So I was really lonely and miserable. Instead of dealing with the real issue I covered up the nasty with other stuff. Busyness, anger, hiding away in my room, overthinking, selfishness, and anything else that seemed easier and more convenient than dealing with the junk. And even though I hoped it was, I knew it wasn't a secret. You could almost smell it...

Until I got real. I finally got vulnerable. I told God how much I missed Him and how I really wanted to feel Him close to me again, and not just know He was close in my head. During my miserable time of no prayers I cried a lot, being so stuck and weighed down makes you really, really sad. But I hadn't been broken. It was when I finally turned to Him, said I'm sorry for my coldness, and told Him of my desire for Him that He changed my heart and began to lift the weight.

Now this isn't the "recipe" for everyone. I'm not saying "Here is the equation for your relationship with God to get better right now. Do this and you're fixed." Every story is different and we all have different weights. Different things that can make us "stink".

But if you read the Word you will see that this theme of turning to Him with an open and vulnerable heart always ends in redemption and healing.

And I think God has a strong stomach. As much as he desires a sweet aroma, He can handle our stench. When we bring it all to Him, He won't say "Go wash yourself. You're nasty." He says, "Draw near to me and I will draw near to you. Let me wash you up."

I'm so thankful for His unconditional love and restoration. And for showers. Which I should probably go take now...