Monday, April 28, 2014

Let me bore you with some chatter about the weather

Oh how I'm loving the warmer weather

There are extra hands to help with the littles (Wenz & Nat).

No getting up at 6:10 to start waking children up.

Swimming! Water parks! Sunshine!

Flip flops.... ooo yes. Walking to the park, lounging around, going to the library...

Squash, cucumber, strawberries, and watermelon...

Oh ye-ahhhhhh.

Now I am an EXTREME lover of Fall and Winter. My passion for the cool breezes and scarves that come with them are much larger than the love of summer I'm feeling now. I'm sure I'll bore you with my love for all that in a blog post at some point. But this has been a longer winter than usual for NOLA and I'm actually looking forward to summertime this year.

It probably helps my excitement that I'm not nursing a newborn 24/7 or extremely pregnant for this year's summer.
I feel a hot flash coming on just thinking of summer 2012 & summer 2013. Whew.

Anyways... I love it and I'm glad the warmer weather is here.

Here is Hadi spraying Wenz with the water hose. The water was fuh-reezing. :)

And here is a video about summer that always makes me smile... heh heh

You're welcome for that.

Hope you're enjoying the warmer weather too!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stickers for my nails = I'm finally a grownup

I can't paint my fingernails.

Ok... I can paint my fingernails...
They just always turn out looking like my 4 year old painted them. So I never do it.

Now I'll paint my toes, which still look like someone under the age of 5 painted them, but I scrape the polish off the skin around the nails until I'm left with human looking toenails again. And I think people look at my fingers more than my toes, so my toes can get away with looking like a preschooler's.

It's embarrassingly bad. I remember when I was younger, if mom was busy, I'd beg my dad to paint them. Because he was better at it than me. My parents would encourage me, "Keep practicing, you'll get better at it!"

No... no, I never got better at it...

So I'm a sad, sad 22 year old who never ever paints her nails. THE TRAGEDY!

Until something beautiful comes along... something LIFE CHANGING!

They are amazing! Ya use a little heat, a little patience, and BAM you've got fabulous looking nails for about 2 weeks. 
I found out about them because a fellow Noonday Ambassador was doing an adoption fundraiser for another Amb. So OF COURSE I had to get some. Here are the colors I picked out. :)

It was buy 3 sheets get 1 free, so I also got these little lovely Jamberry Juniors for my big girls. :)
Not gonna lie. When I started to put them on, I began to feel like a preschooler again. I just couldn't figure out how to make the sticker flipping stick like it should! So the hubby found a video and I felt like a grownup again. Ahhhhh.
 I let Kiah suck on my fingers (he's teething) for way too long the other night and one of my nails got a little wonky. (They're non-toxic and there's no way it could come off in his mouth, stop spazzing! I promise he has/will put way worse things in his mouth during these sweet baby days.) So I took my first set off. But taking them off is super easy (peel 'em right off) and I'm excited to stick some more on soon. :) 
So now I'm sharing the Jamberry l<3ve. I'm hosting a Facebook Jamberry Nail Party this month and I'm so excited about it! The thing I'm MOST excited about is that a portion of the proceeds of this party will go towards the adoption process my Noonday Amb friend is in! She's adopting a little girlie from the Democratic Republic of Congo. How cool is that?
Looking Cute + Taking Care of the Orphan = My kind of THANG. (Duh, I'm a Noonday Ambassador)
Here's a little video to watch and learn how to apply the nail wraps when they come in....
                                    OFFICIAL JAMBERRY NAIL APPLICATION VIDEO

 So you want in? I'll be posting more info about the Facebook Party as it gets closer. Help this sweet girl come home to her forever family and tryout these nails that changed my life made me feel like a grown up.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


So we got a dog.

Yes, I know I said I'd never get a dog. But look at this guy. He is gorgeous!  

Anyone who knows me knows of my hatred for many things dog-related. But for those of you who don't....

What I Hate About Dogs
  1.  Dog hair - it's gross, it gets everywhere, it makes me feel dirty
  2.  Dog poop - Duh.
  3.  Dog excitement - nothing stresses me out more than a dog (of any size) running and flopping around, no one knows when he/she will jump on you or your baby or knock that drink over with their ridiculous tail
  4.  Dogs humping things - DUHHHH. Disgusting.
  5.  Dogs that bark - yep, that's all dogs... but the yipping, the deep and loud.... it all makes me want to scream

So yeah... I basically hate when dogs act like dogs.

When I was about 14 I begged my parents for a dog. I wanted her SO bad. They caved, I named her Nala, I played with her for about 4 weeks, then I ditched her. She became my dad's dog. To this day they remind me of my terrible ways with her. To this day I remind them that they caved (aka I won).

About 4 years ago now, during my first year of marriage, Kolby and I were really struggling. We wanted a baby SO bad and thought we'd never get pregnant (because we didn't get pregnant within the first few months of marriage... HA we were so ignorant and impatient.... if I could go back to tell the Paige of 2010 a few things....). So we decided to get a pretend baby a dog. Of course, being ignorant and impatient, we went to a terrible pound where we found a severely malnourished puppy and snagged it immediately. They had been feeding this poor baby dry dog food when he was simply too young.  We named him Jace, and despite our best efforts to get him to eat, drink and rest... he was already gone before we got him. It took 2 days for that sweet puppy to die. It was terrible. I cried and cried and cried. My pretend baby had died, and I just got him! I swore I was never getting another dog.

So here we are in 2014 with 5 kids and a dog. What am I thinking??? Well they begged. And I caved. :)

I set very high standards for any dog that would be brought into my house.

A Dog for the DePratter Clan Must:
  • Be cute. No scraggly looking, crazy eyed, weird eared dogs for us. It's not easy for me to love animals.... but it's especially hard to love an ugly one.
  • Be chill. As I said before, I can't stand a cray cray dog.
  • Be housetrained. I clean up enough poop and pee around here with 3 under 5.
  • Be good with my kids. Of course.
  • BE TAKEN CARE OF BY ALL MEMBERS OF THE HOUSEHOLD WHO ARE OVER THE AGE OF 5! I refuse to be the only person taking care of this dog. THEY begged for it. This crazy lady isn't afraid to kick a dog out take a dog back if no one keeps their word.
We got Jett at the local Pet and Garden store that has dogs from the animal shelter every other Saturday. He was the first dog we saw and we really didn't care to see anymore. We were told he was scheduled to be euthanized 3 days ago, but they wanted to give him one last shot. We're glad they did. :) He's a black lab (and as bizarre as it sounds, I think he may be part dachshund too) and he is perfect. Labs are smart. I couldn't handle a dumb dog. He's playful with the kiddos, but he's not crazy. He's housetrained. Glory, Glory. He's got a little schedule in place already and the only time I have to take his be-hind outside is during the day when the girls are at school. I don't even have the responsibility of feeding him. :) The people at the store kept saying things like "You did a great thing today." "You saved this dog's life today." And as cool as I guess that is... I just wanted to say "It's a dog y'all..."
We can't decide if we're going to keep the name Jett or not. He's only about 10 months old and you can tell his name hasn't always been Jett... he's not great at responding to it yet. So we could easily change it. We're struggling to think of creative names for him, so give me some suggestions!
All in all, he's great so far. Well, besides already chewing up a stuffed animal... but hey, I can deal with that we have thousands more. I don't think a dog could better meet my standards and the family is in love.
 We'll see how long it lasts. ;)


Friday, April 4, 2014

It's Birthday Season

This month is so packed. Why? It's what I like to call "birthday season". It's going to be this way every spring for the next... well... for the rest of my life.

This weekend is Natalie's birthday. So that means slumber party, presents, fun-ness, loud little girls, and lots of favorite foods. Will it be wonderful and magical? Duh. She's been talking ALL week long about it and I'm ready for it to be over so that we can go back to talking about what that boy said at school, how she fell off of her bike yesterday, and how much she dislikes brussel sprouts. You know, the usual.

Saturday night we'll have a little guest over to slumber party it up with my toddler chicas. This will be all 3 of the little boogers first sleepover. :) I'll take pictures. Her parents are going to WrestleMania. My friends are weird.

NEXT Thursday is Hadi's birthday. But her party isn't until the 19th. So we'll get back to that. Sorry boo. Too busy to celebrate just yet... gotta stay strong.

That following weekend (12th) is the ladies tea at church. I *just* sighed. Maybe because I have  mixed emotions about it. Wednesday and I both are hosting tables and thought we'd be smart and shop at Salvation Army for our tea sets, table cloths, other fancy things, etc. Yeah. I'm not so sure how they'll look all 'put together'. Definitely won't be your typical tea set. But hey... we got it all for $66 so that counts for something, right? We'll have the cheapest tables there. :) :/

Then we finally get to Hadi's birthday party the 19th. Bubble guppy theme, tutu dress from YaYa, goldfish crackers, and lots of balloons. BAM. Done. Two year olds may be psychotic little people, but they are easy when it comes to planning their birthdays. Especially if you're anti-pinterest like me. (Save yourself some time  some of your life. Get off of that crazy site. It's of the devil. Ok, not really... but the obsessive nature it brings out in most of you who use it surely is. Love y'all. Hate pinterest.)

Then it's on to May. Wednesday's birthday is at the beginning of the month. Besides talking through who she'd invite for a slumber party, I've refused to start really getting into planning it. My brain is clogged with so much birthday-ness right now. I've got to get at least one out of the way before I start planning another. Maybe I'll start that this Monday. Maybe.

I'm just thankful Kiah and Becca don't have birthdays until the fall. Whew. A break.

Clearly things are hectic and lovely and party-ful around here. It's all good and well until mama goes crazy, right? Oh wait, no that's not right....

At lunch today I opened the fridge to get apple juice out for my whining almost 2 year old and noticed a sweet smiling face. I stopped and looked at the other smiling faces stuck with magnets hanging all around it.

Our World Vision kiddos.

Yes there is a lot of debate about them, but I'm not going into that right now. Want to know what I think and can't finish this blog until ya do?? Go read Jen Hatmaker's blog and then you'll know.


We sponsor 5 World Vision children. One for each of our kids. They all share birthdays with our children. We're terrible about writing and keeping up with them, because we're psychotically busy, but we do think of, pray for, and talk about them often. They're in countries all over the world and you know what? Their birthdays are probably quite different than ours. They live in 3rd world countries and have parents who are struggling to find consistent sustainable jobs. THEIR BIRHDAYS ARE PROBABLY QUITE DIFFERENT THAN OURS.

So I need to take a step back to breathe and pray. Because I haven't used the opportunity of birthday season to really pray for my children or the world vision children they share their birthdays with. This should be a season of reflection over their precious lives and a time of thankfulness for their beautiful lives. Not a time where I'm slowly losing my mind (or being overly dramatic and saying things like "I'm slowly losing my mind."). So I'm turning from the voice that says "Things are crazy, so you're crazy. Things are too busy for you to handle. Birthday season will be awful forever." and I'm turning to the voice that says "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." and also says "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law."

I'll breathe, pray, and celebrate the beautiful birthday season.

 And when it's over I'll go get a pedicure. ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm the April Fool

As I sit here with my new favorite purple thermal mug (filled with gingerbread coffee and vanilla soy milk) looking at the pictures above my computer (of my kids, my parents, my hubby, myself... I taped them on the wall in an "artistic" pattern because I can't hang anything perfectly straight. And that bugs me.), I can't help but feel all cozy. I like thinking about my kids. When they're not around to bug me. ;)

Children make you insane. But they have chubby cheeks, beautiful curls, gorgeous blue-green eyes (all of my kids do. so does my husband... i'm the only brownie in the group), loud laughs, sweet voices, and dream up the most fun! So while you're slowly going insane, you're able to smile.

 :D A big crazy grin.

Like Monday night for instance...

After the crazy routine of "bedtime" (diapers, potty, singing, praying, "NO MORE TALKING", "love you" "DONT GET OUT OF BED AGAIN", "love you", "OK... time for the older girls to get in bed", "love you")....

I laid down in my own bed to chill. Ugh, I was exhausted. Like always.

But then I had to pee. :/ (check out this other post where I was TRAPPED... peeing always gets me into some kind of trouble...)

So about 45 minutes after the bedtime craziness, I walk into the bathroom to find my 9 yr old at the sink...


(smile changes to fake sleepy face...)

"I just woke up. Wednesday (my 13 yr old) drew all over me with marker for April Fools while I was sleeping!"

"There is NO WAY you were sleeping already and there is NO WAY you slept through her drawing all over you like that!"

And then I walk away... because I'm really not sure what to do...

Ya see... that sounds pretty funny now, right? I mean... home girl had marker ALL over her FACE. And BODY. It was ridiculous. And hilarious.

But it wasn't funny at that moment. I was TIRED. I just went through the BEDTIME ROUTINE. All the  mamas out there know how exhausting it can be. When they're all in bed you're like "I'M FREE!" For 5 minutes before I fall asleep and start over tomorrow.... oh...

So I walked back into their room, flipped the light on, told Nat (9 yr old) to go wash off "BEFORE IT WONT COME OFF AND YOU GO TO SCHOOL LOOKING LIKE THAT!" , and then said that they couldn't get on the computer or watch TV for the rest of the week.

But as soon as I walked back into my room to tell my hubby what happened I realized how dumb that all was when he laughed about it.

Oh yeah... that laughing thing is ok to do in situations like these... sometimes I forget. :/ Maybe I'm being the April Fool.

So the next day I took back the "no TV" thing and said something to the effect of "I love y'all, don't be dumb, go to bed when it's time to go to bed, y'all are goofy kids, I love y'all, oh and I love y'all."

And I laughed about it. Because it was funny.

It's easy to get so uptight as a mom. Especially when you have so many kids. Things can feel crazy and you want to feel a little in control of SOMETHING. But that's dumb. Only God is in control and He makes good plans for us. Plans we can laugh about.

I made the choice to laugh. What are things you have to choose to laugh at?

Wait... I have a blog?

Oh hey...

Yeah... I've been gone awhile.

Can I come back? Is that ok?

Ok cool.

Well HEY Y'ALL! Man, things have changed since last time I posted. I think the last post (something to do with soup...) had to be out of boredom. Can't promise those won't happen again, but definitely want to bring life to this blog again. I think my grammar has gotten worse too. Thanks Facebook.

Hmmm.... let's see...

I've got 5 kids now (bless my heart).
I'm a pastor's wife now (weird, I know).
I'm a Noonday Ambassador (a what?? don't worry, if you follow this blog you'll learn more for sure).
I still love Jesus (we've been through some junk together).
I still love people (getting better at that daily. thanks Holy Spirit).
I'm not your typical mom (i'm 22 yrs old with 5 children for goodness sake).
I still hate dishes (that's the chore I give to my kids. don't judge).

Lots of "I"s going on up there..... so let's hear from YOU.

Who is out there? Who is going to actually read this weird little blog of mine again or for the first time? WHO ARE YOU??

 Let's be friends. :)

Because I'll probably overshare regularly on here, and that's something that should be done with friends.