Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm the April Fool

As I sit here with my new favorite purple thermal mug (filled with gingerbread coffee and vanilla soy milk) looking at the pictures above my computer (of my kids, my parents, my hubby, myself... I taped them on the wall in an "artistic" pattern because I can't hang anything perfectly straight. And that bugs me.), I can't help but feel all cozy. I like thinking about my kids. When they're not around to bug me. ;)

Children make you insane. But they have chubby cheeks, beautiful curls, gorgeous blue-green eyes (all of my kids do. so does my husband... i'm the only brownie in the group), loud laughs, sweet voices, and dream up the most fun! So while you're slowly going insane, you're able to smile.

 :D A big crazy grin.

Like Monday night for instance...

After the crazy routine of "bedtime" (diapers, potty, singing, praying, "NO MORE TALKING", "love you" "DONT GET OUT OF BED AGAIN", "love you", "OK... time for the older girls to get in bed", "love you")....

I laid down in my own bed to chill. Ugh, I was exhausted. Like always.

But then I had to pee. :/ (check out this other post where I was TRAPPED... peeing always gets me into some kind of trouble...)

So about 45 minutes after the bedtime craziness, I walk into the bathroom to find my 9 yr old at the sink...


(smile changes to fake sleepy face...)

"I just woke up. Wednesday (my 13 yr old) drew all over me with marker for April Fools while I was sleeping!"

"There is NO WAY you were sleeping already and there is NO WAY you slept through her drawing all over you like that!"

And then I walk away... because I'm really not sure what to do...

Ya see... that sounds pretty funny now, right? I mean... home girl had marker ALL over her FACE. And BODY. It was ridiculous. And hilarious.

But it wasn't funny at that moment. I was TIRED. I just went through the BEDTIME ROUTINE. All the  mamas out there know how exhausting it can be. When they're all in bed you're like "I'M FREE!" For 5 minutes before I fall asleep and start over tomorrow.... oh...

So I walked back into their room, flipped the light on, told Nat (9 yr old) to go wash off "BEFORE IT WONT COME OFF AND YOU GO TO SCHOOL LOOKING LIKE THAT!" , and then said that they couldn't get on the computer or watch TV for the rest of the week.

But as soon as I walked back into my room to tell my hubby what happened I realized how dumb that all was when he laughed about it.

Oh yeah... that laughing thing is ok to do in situations like these... sometimes I forget. :/ Maybe I'm being the April Fool.

So the next day I took back the "no TV" thing and said something to the effect of "I love y'all, don't be dumb, go to bed when it's time to go to bed, y'all are goofy kids, I love y'all, oh and I love y'all."

And I laughed about it. Because it was funny.

It's easy to get so uptight as a mom. Especially when you have so many kids. Things can feel crazy and you want to feel a little in control of SOMETHING. But that's dumb. Only God is in control and He makes good plans for us. Plans we can laugh about.

I made the choice to laugh. What are things you have to choose to laugh at?