Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrennie :D

Kolby's brother Wren and his wife Jennie came to visit us! And of course they brought their sweet babies Rylie and Gad! We had such a good time just "being" with each other, catching up on the craziness of life, talking about our silly family, and exploring the city some! Just wanted to share a couple of shots from their time with us! 

Gad loves cheesing for the camera!!! And I love his cheesy smiles!!!

mmmMMM! It was so hard to tell him "no" sometimes... 

poor Rylie... our couch was mean to this baby! it ate her a couple times... and spit her out once... 

Rylie was breaking in Hadi's swing for her! :) 

Wren trying authentic gumbo for the first time!

Jennie attacked the crawfish! So brave!

Christi joined us for the night! She said the crawfish was "interesting"! 

Don't let the picture fool ya... there was no love between these two... :) 

My yummy red beans and rice with smoked sausage!
Montrel's Bistro was great! Definitely going to take more friends and family there! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fun moments with Hadi so far!

What a journey this has been so far! Wouldn't want to be on it with ANYONE ELSE! I love you Kolby!

Our friends hung stockings and made sure to include the DePratters! How sweet! 

Her sweet little profile! She looks like me, right? ;) 

Belly is growing! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick jumpstart update! :)

WoW! It's been a while... Where to start??

Well just to list a few major memories to get ya started....

1. August 11th, the day we made the drive from GA to NOLA was the first day I was "pregnancy sick".... thought I was dying, but we made it! :)
2. August 11th  - around late October can be summed up by saying: I was sick in bed, Kolby was extremely busy, and life was what I call miserable. Glad that's over...
3. I became a human again around early November and it has been WONDERFUL to not only explore the city, but to explore the new friendships we've made here!
4. My parents and little brother/cousin Zach came for thanksgiving! We had SUCH a good time... it was something I really needed and I'm still thanking God for this time we had together!
5. Kolby's brother Wren, his wife Jennie, and their 2 tiny ones came for a weekend the beginning of this month (December) just to spend some time with us! I loved snuggling with my nephew Gad, and giving Rylie lots and lots of kisses until she smiled!
6. I'm 6 months pregnant now. What a journey it has been so far! Hadi is healthy and kicking up a storm these days :)

Ok so there is obviously a lot more detail to fill in on these things, and much more that has happened than I mentioned... but I'm saving that stuff for other posts! Just needed to get a jumpstart on posting again!