Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Time to move!

So I haven't posted very much in the past week, but I wanted to give a quick update!

Today we have said goodbye to our parents and as of right now we are chilling out with the Tuckers who served us an awesome meal of steak, baked potatoes, broccoli, cookies, and ice cream.

Yeah I ate wayyy too much. :)

We will stay the night here with our friends and tomorrow morning we will pick up our moving truck, then pack it up! Tomorrow will be a day of work and a day of goodbyes to friends (that we are already anticipating their vacations to the DePratter's apartment in New Orleans).

We're going to try and get good sleep tomorrow night so that we can head out early (6AM is the goal) on Thursday morning to make the move. It's about a 9 hour journey, which means with my peeing average this past week it will take us 10 hours. I will be driving our car (loaded with clothes and can goods my parents have donated to us) while Kolby drives the Budget Rental truck (loaded with all the rest of our fun junk that we haven't seen in the past 8 months). Since I've found out that I'm pregnant I've been WIDE AWAKE in the mornings and then I crash around 1 or 2 PM.... so we're really hoping we get there at 4 so I can crash while Kolby and some friends unload the truck. :)

So there is my short-ish update. God has been good to us and has blessed us with the finances we need to get over there, and now we're just trusting Him to provide for us when we get there. Prayers are appreciated!

I think I will be taking a blogging break for the next week or so while we adjust, so you can expect a new update around mid-August. Talk to ya then!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

funny how He blesses us...

This past week I posted about a "support letter" asking for prayer for a few specific things that are going on in our lives. These things are still in need of prayer, but there is a reason it might have read as if it was a little emotionally driven or stressed out...

I think my hormones might be going a little crazy...

because I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!

So yeah, we are just a little excited. ;)
We found out that we are about 4 weeks along (caught it pretty early haha), and when we get to New Orleans I will make a doctors appointment to do a sonogram and all that fun stuff. :)

It's so funny how God blesses us with incredible things while we were asking for something else... He always keeps me falling in love with His mysterious ways.

So anyways... just wanted to share because Kolby and I are excited! I will post more as I know more! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Support Letter

Going on the many trips God has blessed me to go on, I have learned how to type up a support letter.

 If you're not familiar with one, it's basically a way to ask for people to seriously pray for the Holy Spirit to move while the group is seeking to tell others about Him in another place (different city, state, or country that God has led them to passionately GO to). These are great ways to get real prayer warriors joined together and it is always so encouraging to know that people are daily taking YOU up to HIM in prayer. It's also a great way to get money raised.

The reality of these trips is that they cost money. Usually a lot of it too. By support letters being sent out I have been able to go to Moldova, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, France, and Greece. Now I didn't send out support letters for all of these trips myself, but whether it was the program I went through or a church, someone somewhere was raising prayer and financial support. And my husband has been able to go to several places as well including Australia and Mexico. We have seen God move in incredible ways all over the world and we plan to return overseas in a couple years to live doing whatever He wants us to do. But until then, we have some stuff He wants us to accomplish here in the States.

Like I've mentioned before in this blog, we're moving to New Orleans (9 days from today actually). 

But there is a lot going on in South Georgia that we ("we" as in "I") feel anxious about leaving.

1. Family Junk
                                    I'm not going into all the dirty details, but there is some stuff going on with my in-laws that has Kolby and I begging God to tell us how to handle it while we're here. It's so scary to think of leaving them behind and not being here to help clean things up or help out. Pray specifically for our 3 nieces and that we have wisdom in ministering to the family.

2. School Stuff
                                 Kolby will be starting at NOBT Seminary late August and it's taken us a lot longer to finish the admissions process than we had expected. Thankfully it is all just about worked out and at this point Kolby is officially accepted. But there are still a few things (like our on campus apartment) that we just don't know 100% about yet. Pray that we get all the clarity we need ASAP so that our minds can rest and we can travel over state lines knowing that we have a place to stay.

3. Money
                                 I'm just going to be really honest here. For us to get the moving truck and ourselves over to New Orleans, put a deposit on our apartment, and survive the first month... we need a little over $2000. We have about $600 in our account and have about $200 more coming in that we KNOW about. That puts us over $1000 short right now. I know God will provide, but since we're only 9 days away I feel so overwhelmed thinking about our situation. Please pray that I trust in Him like I know I should and that there are opportunities in the next week for us to earn money.

So here is my support letter. I'm asking for serious prayer. Please take a minute to pray for us in the ways we are requesting. Thanks so much for taking the time to read all of this.