Monday, July 25, 2011

A Summer of Traveling

 We got to see Andrew!!!
 SO glad we got to see Jess before she has that baby!!
 Oh yeah... guess we were glad to see Eli too ;)
 Eli thought it should be explained?
 My kitty cat - Mavro! Took forever to get my mom to pronounce it correctly... :) 
 Enjoyed Sonic with my absolute bestie! Love seeing how God has grown her into such a leader this summer!
 Greek Salad... first time making it in the States!
 So proud of Kolby! He made some awesome chicken!
 Tsatsiki... it was alright, haha... maybe I will improve...
 Van load of girls ready to go to CENTRIKID!
 My 2 cool roomies for the week!
We definitely danced every night! 

Just wanted to share some of our summer with ya! 
Let me know how your summer is going!

He Provides ENOUGH

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus" - Philippians 4:19

Year 2 of CentriKid was GREAT!

This year we took a group of 42 kids from Vidalia to Norman Park, GA for a week long camp. We weren't sure what to expect of our 2nd year at camp, but left with great memories of OMC (Organized Mass Chaos), late night talks, and Paca the pinata! One thing we were ready for though is being more than ready to dance our booties off! The atmosphere of camp is incredible and I really respect how they make it a fun atmosphere for both kids and adult leaders.

Adult Bible study happens while the kids are in their morning Bible studies, and this year the focus was on the Holy Spirit. The speaker focused on how the Holy Spirit is a powerful being and not just an "it". He talked to us about the importance of abiding in Him, and how basic things like reading God's Word and praying keep us in tune with Him. The Holy Spirit is something God taught us a lot about while we were in Greece so it was a great push to remember to really cling to that power.

The focus for the kids this year was that GOD PROVIDES! There were 3 weekdays where the theme taught....

Day 2 - God Provides Forgiveness
Day 3 - God Provides a Calling
Day 4 - God Provides Enough

I had 2 sweet girls (9 & 10 yr old) as my roomies for the week who asked great questions! We had talks about all kinds of things such as family members who were getting divorced, why the Holy Spirit is important, how God can be just and loving at the same time, and what kind of calling God might have for their lives. But that was all in between painting fingernails, drinking some yummy lemonade, and jumping on the beds! ;)

Last week was so fun. I kept getting asked if I was going to be back for camp next year... and I had to honestly answer with an "I don't know!" Who knows if we will visit GA this time next summer or not! Only my heavenly Father...

Who also knows our plans for next week. Obviously way better than we do...

We found out today that it looks like we won't be moving until at least August 12th now. About a week and a half shift in our plans. We wanted to get to New Orleans early so we can job search and get settled before classes start. We still will be getting there 10 days earlier now, but it's just not what we had planned. Please pray for us, we're a little frustrated and stressed with the situation but (as we learned last week) we know that God provides all that we need just when we need it. Not on our time. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Adoption has been on my mind today.

Of course if you know us at all, you know that my husband and I love children, and we are passionate about adoption. We haven't started any kind of adoption process yet, and we're not pregnant, but we know that in God's timing He will give us children.

To be 20, I'm pretty young to be thinking about this kind of thing right?


Adoption has played a huge part in my life already. My parents have custody of my 7 year old cousin named Zach. They have been traveling hard through many mountains and storms this past year to adopt Zach, but it still hasn't happened yet. I don't want to go into those details, but long story short - God has used this process to push and grow my parents, and they trust that He will officially give Zach over to them as their own one day. Strangely, watching my parents ride the roller coaster of adoption has just made Kolby and I yearn for those days to come for us!

Adoptions are sticky, rough, and tiresome. Biological parents are usually in awful situations, and the adopting parents can be hurting or anxious. The children sometimes deal with emotional and physical problems. It's a road that many people choose not to travel.

But Kolby and I want to travel that path. Why? Not because we are "strong" people. Not because we think we could be the best parents out there to some hurting babies that come through our door. We want to adopt because every single person on this earth has been designed by the Father who saved us from sin and from the father of lies, and on top of that gave me a new life!
Check this out:

In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ Himself, according to the kind intention of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved. In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace which He lavished on us. - from Ephesians 1

Adoption is an incredible picture of what God did for His children! It's where the whole idea of "adoption" came from in the first place! How amazing!

If you're still not buying into this whole adoption thing... here are a few tips...

1. Read God's Word
- He will show you of the importance of taking care of orphans. What better way to do that than to adopt them as your own!?
2. Look online at local or global children who are orphans.
- Google images, go to sites like just look at some of the faces of these beautiful children who are in need. Make yourself aware of the hurting!
3. Check out Russell D. Moore's book Adopted for Life
- We listened to it on audio book. Incredible.
4. This Love
- It's a song by Mandi Mapes wrote about adoption hoping to spark a fire in the heart's of Followers of Jesus who are called to adopt. There isn't a youtube video of the song, but look it up on itunes and download it. Good stuff.

Have an amazing adoption story you want to share? Have an orphan you want to give us? ;)